Tuesday, June 11, 2019

1000 bags of dirt

Why are we filling up 1000 bags with dirt?

And Why are we enclosing them in chicken wire?

We have collected native seeds, and hand-sifted over 1000 liters of potting soil into planting bags to create a tree nursery at Centro PUMA.

Deforestation is an issue in Nicaragua that can be solved with community effort. The guides of Centro PUMA together with our Junior Rangers are planting 1000 native trees to help offset habitat loss. We aim to plant these trees later this year or next year in yards, farms, and in protected areas to restore lost habitat.

Of the many species that may benefit from these trees, the endangered yellow-naped amazon parrot finds one of its last hopes for recovery on Ometepe island. We are exploring how to work with the community to restore its habitat while combating poaching through education and through economic incentives of ecotourism. 

Come visit Centro PUMA to see our new tree nursery and to check out our other community projects! If you are too far away to visit, you can still be part of the effort by sustaining our project with a donation: about 20 cents helps us grow a tree in our nursery.